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2. Håkan Forsberg

Hier ist seine Aufstellung zu Armstrongs Europa-Tournee im Jahre 1962:

When I look at your very nice autographed program I notice you say that you got it at a concert at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund in 1962. Frankly I have very few dates from Louis' 1962 European tour. This is it so far:

1962.04.              early - 05.30 European tour (Stratemann p.620)

1962.04.?            Hamburg, Germany, Musikhalle, concert (Willems, TDIP)

1962.04.?            Stuttgart, Germany, Liederhalle, concert, partially aired (?) (Stratemann p.469)

1962 Apr 12 *      Hildesheim, Germany, Sporthalle (Willems AOM))

1962.04.15           Berlin, Germany, Sportpalast (Stratemann p.469, 620)

1962.04.17           Rome, Italy, Teatro Brancaccio (Stratemann p.620)

1962.04.18           Rome, Italy, RAI Studio, taping session for RAI-TV, "Il Signore Delle 21" and

                               Rome, Italy, Teatro Brancaccio (Stratemann p.481, 620)

1962 Apr 24 *       Paris, France, Olympia (de Davrichewy in letter to JW)

Apr 25                   Belfast, Northern Ireland, Kings Hall, Balmoral (BAA May 5, 1952 - start of 19-day British tour;

                               The Kings Hall, Balmoral home-page: http://www.exhibition-online.co.uk)

1962.04.28           London, England, Royal Festival Hall (Darensbourg p.173)

prb late April          London, England, Cafe Royal, luncheon "Welcome to Britain" for LA, arranged by the London Daily Mirror.

                                Among guests: Humphrey Lyttelton, Kenny Ball, Alex Welsch. (DB July 5, 1962)

1962.05.13           London, England, Odeon, Hammersmith (Darensbourg, picture p.152-153)

1962.05.15-16     Munich, Germany, TV-show, prerecording (Willems, TDIP)

1962.05.17 *        Nice, France, Palais des Expositions (CD Milan (F) CH 553, AoM)

1962.05.22          Paris, France, Olympia (Stratemann p.620, de Davrichewy in letter to JW)

1962.05.23 - 25  Stockholm, Sweden, Gröna Lund, Stora Scenen (HF), and

1962.05.25 *        Stockholm, Sweden, Cirkus, TV recording for 1962.09.29 Nordvision telecast

                              (Stratemann p.482, 620)

1962.05.26          Gävle, Sweden, Furuviksparken (HF)

1962.05.27          Helsinki (Helsingfors), Finland. (Hans Westerberg; - compare Stratemann p.620)

1962.05.28          Köbenhavn (Copenhagen), Denmark (Stratemann p.478)

1962.05.29          Köbenhavn (Copenhagen), Denmark, departure for New York and Chile (Stratemann p.478)

As you can see many dates are misssing, among them the Dortmund concert. I would be much obliged if you could tell me what date Louis played the Westfalenhalle in 1962. - And if you also have knowledge of any of the other missing dates - superb!

Best wishes



Hakan fehlten also die entsprechenden Daten.

Der Veranstalter könnte eventuell noch Dokumente besitzen, war meine Überlegung.

Folglich nahm ich Kontakt zur Westfalenhalle Dortmund auf.

Westfalenhallen Dortmund

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